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Thanks to everyone who was involved in keeping me busy last year!  At one point I added up the states I visited in 2015 and realized that I had visited HALF of the states in the country!  I am now excited for the many upcoming visits I'll be making for family well as for training sessions for early childhood educators and 2016.   Here are some of the states I am scheduled to visit at this point:  California, Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana and West Virginia.  A trip to British Columbia in Canada too!  And, of course, there will be lots of events in the Chicago area and my home state of Illinois!  

A NEW CD in 2016:  I have been busy at the recording studio finishing up my work on a new CD to be released this year!  I am excited to share these new musical games so that they can be played in classrooms, library story times and family rooms!  Check back to the website for details about how to preorder the CD so that you can receive a signed copy before the "official" release date! 

New Video Footage:  What is unique about my concerts is the degree to which children, parents and grandparents sing and dance and play together.  I recently received a video clip with some great footage of that family well as some segments in which I discuss why this sort of family involvement is so important:

click here to watch the segment


Words on Play

I Have a Favorite 

I have a favorite.

It is not a favorite CD of  mine.

It is not a favorite song.

It is a favorite moment.

At each of my concerts there is a point at which I sing my song “Face The Facts,” an active movement game with some silly word play:

We must face the fact. Our swimming arms are back.

They are splashing, flapping, stretching, lapping one full mile exact.

We must face the fact. Our swimming arms are back.

Watching everyone rousingly pantomime “swimming arms, “ “scissor legs,” and “driving hands” is fun….but those moments aren’t my favorite.

My favorite moment is when I look out at the children, parents and grandparents as I sing:

We must face the fact. Our binocular eyes are back.

They are peering, peeking, scanning, seeking needles in haystacks.

We must face the fact. Our binocular eyes are back.... 

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